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We live in an age when neither the modern world nor the modern church can be easily defined, be it by walls, or by political or cultural boundaries. KICCTV embraces the technology of the future to deliver a message which transcends boundaries. With a range of inspired, dynamic and practical programming, KICCTV is the ideal vehicle to reach a diverse audience; currently in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. This is a fantastic opportunity, not least for organisations looking to extend their reach.

Distinctive programming and direction, combined with a breadth of reach, makes KICCTV the ideal platform for anyone looking to reach the wider Christian and secular community!


KICCTV reaches no less than 140 million homes across Europe, Africa and parts of the Middle East on three leading satellite platforms. In the UK and Ireland, KICCTV is available through Sky, the premier subscription television platform, offering a vast range of services to over 10.5 million active subscribers in the UK alone.

Sky estimates that it reaches one third of the British and Irish population – that's more than 21 million people! The Hot Bird fleet of three satellites occupies Europe’s premium orbital slot of 13 degrees East, and is the region’s number 1 platform for free to air television channels.

The Hot Bird fleet reaches 120 million homes across Europe. Covering both West and Eastern Europe, it is popular in homes across the Middle East and North Africa.

Research indicates that over 28 million homes in Western Europe are accessing services from Hot Bird, with a further 10 million homes in Eastern Europe and 8.4 million homes in North Africa and the Middle East. The Intelsat 20 in sub Saharan Africa provides coverage in 10 million homes via DSTV South Africa, My TV Nigeria and all free to air satellite.

These three platforms combined ensures that KICCTV is in the best possible position to reach across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, providing a sure foundation to develop a truly global reach.



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