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@SkyHD in the UK... timely technology, timeless truth.

Welcome to KICCTV - a station passionate about bringing innovative and dynamic Christian programming to our viewers.

While the message of the Gospel remains unchanged, we recognise the challenge to present the gospel to a people facing many different issues. We have chosen to meet this challenge by featuring and producing a dynamic array of quality programming renowned for its core values, as much its entertainment value.


KICCTV is a pipeline that reaches a potential audience of billions across the globe. Men, women and children of different ethnicities, backgrounds and lifestyles all impacted by positive programme content. As I'm sure you're aware, today's TV viewer is overwhelmed by a barrage of TV channels which add little or no positive value to a person's life. But that is where KICCTV is different; that's what makes us so popular with our audience; and that's why you should join us today.

We are a community of likeminded people. Keen to see the positive transformation of life and this goal drives us to continue expanding and reaching more people.

KICCTV has a large viewership left largely untapped in the media scramble. Seize the opportunity to reach your target audience on a medium that is synonymous with excellence and innovation and watch your vision become a reality.

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