Partnership has its privileges...

Come and partner with KICC TV in the work being done across the globe. This you can do by donating resources which will be used to reach millions with the message of Jesus Christ.
KICC TV's goal is to build a church without walls and this we hope to achieved through the medium of using a Timely Technology...Timeless Truth.

God has appointed KICC TV with a holy mandate to reach a dying world with the Living Word.

KICC TV now aired in over 120 nations stations around the world (UK and Ireland, Africa, Europe, Middle East ). This means we are touching the world for Jesus, bringing a message of hope, healing, salvation and deliverance.

Our media strategy is clear and focused. We are continuing to form strategic alliances with media partners across the globe that will enable us to be effectively used by God to take the good news to His people all over the world.
You can be a part of our vision through the Partnership with KICC TV.


You Can Help Through:

Prayerfully sowing a financial seed; Encouraging unsaved friends and family to watch. Telling us when new media opportunities open up in new countries; Monitoring our broadcasts and telling us if they are making an impact


Benefits of Partnership:

As a partner with KICC TV, you will receive:

  • Regular updates on KICC media ministry
  • Special offers and free gifts
  • Prayer points and prayer support
  • Free subscription to any KICC TV publications.
  • In addition, you have the unique opportunity to participate in the exciting, mighty harvest of souls taking place around the world. Your seed sown in the soil of this ministry, will bring a harvest to your life over and over again.